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Souvenirs of Lourdes - Water of Lourdes

Specialized the bottle of Water of Lourdes

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Our internet store proposes a selection of articles and religious, souvenir presents of Heavy, bottle of water of the cave, the Virgin, the rosary, the medal and the others.

We are specialized in the bottle and the bottle with water from Lourdes, candle, holy statue, rosary, medal of Lourdes, cologne and laser block. We certify that the water with which we fill the bottles comes from the grotto where we go on pilgrimage while going light candles as an offering.


Here are the souvenirs from Lourdes the cheapest on the Net.

We ask you to inform it your friends.


Bottles filled free with water directly from the Grotto at Massabielle.


Feel free to ask us, we will put all our experience at your service to carry out your searchs for souvenir from Lourdes.


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Film "Lourdes" & "Bernadette" -3,00 €
Film "Lourdes" & "Bernadette"
28,00 €25,00 €
SIGNAC35 bottle with  water from Lourdes. -50%
SIGNAC35 bottle with water...
4,90 €2,45 €
Rosewood Rosary and Lourdes water. -0,59 €
Rosewood Rosary and Lourdes...
2,90 €2,31 €
Blue enamel medal of Lourdes 22mm -0,74 €
Blue enamel medal of Lourdes...
2,20 €1,46 €
GOYA30 bottle with water from Lourdes -0,31 €
GOYA30 bottle with water...
1,69 €1,38 €
Lourdes rosary made ​​of olive wood. -50%
Lourdes rosary made ​​of...
2,50 €1,25 €
ROYALE bottle water of Lourdes -0,18 €
ROYALE bottle water of Lourdes
1,25 €1,07 €
Dizainier of Lourdes metal finger -33.55%
Dizainier of Lourdes metal...
1,25 €0,83 €
White fluorescent rosary -10%
White fluorescent rosary
0,90 €0,81 €
Blue enamel medal of Lourdes 22mm -0,74 €
Blue enamel medal of Lourdes...
1,53 €0,79 €
Blue enamel medal with Lourdes water. -28.05%
Medal apparition at Lourdes 25mm
0,49 €0,35 €

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